Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)

In a TML, one or several students engage in precisely structured

movement explorations which assist them in becoming aware of habitual neuromuscular patterns and to expand options for choosing new and more
functional ways of moving. The complexities of the lessons vary widely, covering all levels of movement ability.

On the floor on a soft mat, verbally guided each class  focuses on a specific skill and includes a sequence of movements that provide the brain with the information it needs to create new, better movement and action patterns. The movements are safe and gentle. ​

Functional Synthesis (FS)

One-on-one sessions are called Functional ​Synthesis Lessons®. During a lesson, I may work with you standing, sitting, or lying (fully clothed) on a table. This "hands-on" technique helps you experience the functional connections between various parts of the body in order to learn how to eliminate excess effort and to move more freely and easily The quality of touch is non-invasive, informative, and interactive.

In this deeply relaxing lesson your brain will discover new movement patterns that are efficient, pain-free and that will leave you less vulnerable to injury and more able to participate in the activities you enjoy.


Flexible Appointments

Evolutionary Movement

Neuro-Muscular Education

based on

The Feldenkrais Method

If you are challenged by body aches and pains and are wondering how to effectively get relief from tension in your neck, shoulders, back, or joints or if you want to improve your performance and enhance well-being and you’ve tried different exercises and healing modalities and are still not getting the outcomes you desire, try ABM with Biaja Solomon.